About Famostones

Famostones industry in 2009, with the approach of producing qualityproducts and export these to the middle east, started its work in the field of manufacturing building stones and it has succeeded quickly to gain a good share of the country ‘s and regional building

This company has always been able to maintain its customers with ability in cutting and finish quality and capable to processing type of building stone sizes in slab and tiles.

Ebrastones Vision

Ebrastones Industry with 2 separate production lines in tow Kavir and Marveh factories and the capacity o factories production in marble stones, such as Pietra Gray Marble, Cream Cotton Flower, Cappuccino Marble, Black Spider and Persian Kavir Marble. It is also capable of contracting large projects.

Ebrastones Industry for achieve its motto in the export, in addition to the increasing effort, with equipping the producing line of Marveh and Kavir factories, it has been able to provide excellent customer service in the field of transportation and stone cutting in various dimensions.