FamoStones Industry in 2009, with the approach of producing quality products and export these to the Middle East, started its work in the field of manufacturing building stones and it has succeeded quickly to gain a good share of the country’s and regional building.
This company has always been able to maintain its customers with ability in cutting and finish quality and capable to processing type of building stone sizes in slab and tiles.
FamoStones Industry with 2 separate production lines in two Arash and Nobel factories and the capacity of large production in marble stones, such as Pietra Gray Marble, Cream Cotton Flower, Cappuccino Marble, Black Spider Marble and Persian Kavir Marble it is also capable of contracting large projects. Read More.


Famostones Products

Cuppuccino Marble

Pietra Gray Marble

Persian Kavir Marble

Black Spider Marble

Cotton Flower Marble

Natural Stone

Natural stone is a natural processing that its unique properties derive from how bonded minerals in it and according to the variety of minerals in nature, we can see formatting natural stones with properties, color and various patterns. For this reason, natural stone has succeeded to get distinctive position toward other building materials. The high diversity in natural stones color and patterns has caused to could use it in appropriate combination various stone together or other design elements. Various effective processes in stone during formation make this diversity. So according to this diversity, designers and architects can choose many options from natural stone suitable for their environment. And due to high diversity in color and texture, for any application in building there is available one suitable natural stone.
This diversity created unlimited design potential, and in term of aesthetically as much as your imagination can execute design with them. This diversity arising from stone creation in nature that can’t be repeat in a lab. Famostones with changed and updated its producing line, could produce many type of these marbles and providing for its customers.

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